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What is pluggnb?

“Pluggnb” is a style of production created by various Slayworld rappers and artists around 2017. Slayworld was an unofficial collective of artists, rappers, producers, etc. who all worked together. According to artist KanKan, a previous member of this group, they are no longer collaborating; however, they are still credited and associated with the creation of pluggnb.

The name “pluggnb” is a fuse of plugg music (a derivative of trap highly influenced by producers MexikoDro and StoopidXool) and RnB. Pluggnb takes 808s, high-pitched percussions from plugg, and softer, melodic beats from RnB. The vocals are usually melodic rap with heavy auto-tuning. This subgenre of music originates from the 2017 Soundcloud scene. (Tae Hong)